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Photo 101 strives to bring you the latest and coolest in the photography world. Have a look around, see some cool apps to help out after that perfect shot was snapped, or take a look at new cameras on the market!


The Ultimate Mac Setup

OS X is a popular platform for professional photographers, and offers a huge range of software which can help to take better photos, streamline post-processing, sell images, and publish them for others to view. Whether you’re a complete amateur or a seasoned pro, this roundup will have something new to show you.

We’ll be covering 50 fantastic applications for various areas of photography: organizing, post-processing, geo-tagging, panoramas, HDR images, uploading/sharing images, and more.

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Latest Camera Gadgets

Catch up on all the latest in the photography world from camera reviews, new gadgets, camera specs and more!

Our latest spec sheets cover the Nikon D4, which offers a powerful combination of up to 11 fps, a 16.2 megapixel FX-format sensor and phenomenally high ISO (extendable up to 204,800, equivalent). 

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The Nikon D3100, every family's answer to beautiful photos. Whether the moment calls for a family portrait or a sharp shot of toddlers on the run, Guide Mode shows you how to capture stunning photos in no time at all.

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CineSquid Tripod mount. This amazing gadget makes it easy to shoot high paced content as you can put your camera where you want it!  Read More